Whether you need a promotional video for your business, have raw footage that needs to be cut and collated, or maybe you want to use video to generate some buzz on social media for a new product or event, but you don’t know where to start. Get in touch and see what Kingdom Videography can do for you.

Kingdom Videography provides three main services:


Whether you have a collection of old archival footage that you want to cut into a historical video, or perhaps raw footage from a conference or seminar that needs to be turned into an educational package. Kingdom Videography has the means and skills to collate your clips and see your vision come to life.

Editing is a make or break process and also an art. When done well your video will shine, when done poorly all of that valuable time and hard-earned money you paid for fancy cameras, lights and film crew will be wasted.


Is your big day coming up? Do you have a message for your customers that requires a bit more polish and professionalism than a phone recording? Whatever the reason may be Kingdom Videography has the gear and knowledge required. Focusing on a lightweight and nimble setup, Kingdom Videography can capture the footage you need in an unintrusive and timely manner.


Do you have questions about video marketing? Is there a project in the pipeline that you want a second opinion on? Regardless of whether you’re an individual, small business or a larger company, Kingdom Videography has the knowledge and the network to get you pointed in the right direction.

Take a look at my video portfolio for a few examples of what I can do.

Don’t see what you’re after? Don’t stress!

Send me a message outlining your specific need by filling out a contact form and we’ll go from there.

I look forward to working with you.