It inspires us, elicits emotions, draws our focus and can alter our mood. Music is a powerful thing! 

Video is not just about visual imagery, audio is just as (if not more!) important. How many times have you stopped watching a movie, social media video, or YouTube vlog, because the sound was subpar? It could have been that the audio was out of sync, low quality, or just poorly mixed/recorded.

We live in an age of information overload, there is an abundance of content on social media, TV, and online. Content that does not captivate an audience, and ultimately retain their attention will quickly be scrolled past, ignored and forgotten. You have a matter of seconds to make an impact and keep your audience’s attention fixated on your message.

This is where music comes in! Sound is the unsung hero of video, yet sadly it’s so often overlooked. In the area of sound perhaps most overlooked is music/soundtracks. I’m sure you’ve seen videos or watched movies with really poorly composed soundtracks. I’m not going to include any examples here as I’m not looking for a defamation lawsuit. What I will say is that

Need an example of the importance of music? Try watching your favourite movie without any sound or you can watch a scene from one of my favourites, Star Wars: A New Hope, where someone has removed the soundtrack and dubbed other audio over the top.

For the sake of comparison, you can view the original throne room scene from A New Hope here. By now I’d hope the role of music (and its importance) should be clear to you. So what options are there?

Soundstripe! An online music library solution

In order to get the highest quality music with the least amount of hassle, I use a service called Soundstripe. Now before you start suspecting underhand promotional deals, I am not being paid by Soundstripe to promote their service. Nor do I have anything to gain in the way of affiliate perks by mentioning their website. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.   

Anyone can browse the Soundstripe Library free of charge. There is no “” voice in the background every couple of seconds. If you’ve ever been on Audio Jungle’s website you’ll know what I mean! With Soundstripe you can listen to each track in full. Don’t let the supposed low quality of the tracks turn you away. Once you have licenced a track the high-quality WAV version becomes available, which is far superior.

Soundstripe Logo

I have found Soundstripe to be the best value for money when it comes to licensing multiple music tracks. Its subscription fee, licensing model and playlists/search filters make using it a breeze! This means a better return on investment for the client due to lower costs and faster turnarounds.

To hear some Soundstripe music in action why not take a look at my portfolio? Have you found a song in their library that you think will fit your video project? Get in touch with me and I’ll see how we can work it into your video project. You can contact me by clicking on the link here. Or simply by navigating to the “contact” section at the top of the page.