Videography is a broad field, with endless combinations of gear to choose from. Each item has it’s own unique pros, cons and quirks.

My set-up has been carefully chosen as a solid and reliable kit, which works equally well in fast run & gun situations as it does in a controlled production environment. Above all, my gear enables me to produce high-quality content at affordable prices for my clients.  

The headings below will expand on some of what my setup can do for you. If you’re a tech geek like me and need to know the specifics you can check out my profile.

It lists all the gear that I currently use.

4K Capable

It only seems like yesterday that 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) content was the brand new thing, it generated buzz from creative professionals and their clients alike. With four times the pixel count of a 1080p FHD (Full High Definition) this greater resolution produces crystal-clear images with far more detail. 4K is fast becoming the norm for video content, but the reality is that Full HD (1080p) is still a viable option, and is just as strong as ever.

Think of it like DVDs and Blu-Rays. There was a market for the high-quality Blu-Ray media, so companies jumped on it, yet the majority of the population is just fine with DVD quality, DVD sales never really took the hit that people expected them to. Streaming and online options have since overshadowed physical media, but that’s a different story.

The ability to shoot in 4K enables me to “punch in” and reframe a shot during the post production precess, this gives greater flexibility and freedom to the editor and means that as a client you’ve got options after filming has concluded without wasting time and money on expensive reshoots.

4K also provides greater detail and clarity to the images being captured. This not only looks great on big screens (if you require 4K content) but also means that “cleaning up” video footage that isn’t quite right becomes easier. Did a pesky bug land on your product during a publicity shoot? Was there a plane flying through the background of your beautiful beach footage? Did your onscreen talent have a skin blemish on the day of the shoot? Using Adobe’s newly released feature called ‘Content Aware Fill‘ we can remove just about anything from the footage you want to see gone.

See Content Aware Fill it in action below


Have you ever been on a film set or seen what one looks like? There are people, equipment and hazards everywhere! This is necessary for certain jobs but for the majority of shoots, it is serious overkill. My setup is lightweight, nimble and able to get in and out of tight spaces. Do you have a shoot planned in a remote location? Is your video going to take place somewhere with lots of foot traffic? Will a big production setup interrupt your business or disrupt your clients? If any of these concerns are stopping you from engaging videography services for your business then worry not! I can work out a lightweight package to suit your needs.

Smooth Footage

The stabilisation in my Panasonic GH5 is second to none! The camera body has internal 5-axis image stabilisation which physically moves the sensor to produce smooth footage. Add a lens with Optical Image Stabilisation (O.I.S) and you’ve got Dual IS, add Electronic Stabilisation (ES) to the equation and that’s a whopping 3 layers of stabilisation! Take a look at the footage below, keep in mind that this is not using a tripod or any other stabilisation system, just elbows planted on a ledge! Incredible stuff!

Having seen the above video you have witnessed the 180fps slow-motion feature that separates the GH5 from other cameras in its price range. For more examples of the GH5 slow-motion in action check out this video from Ludeman Productions.

So there you have it, three strengths of my gear setup that will benefit you and your business or product.

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